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SUPADECK Durable Coating System

Supadeck is a polyurethane deck coating system which displays superior wear and UV resistance. It is used to protect concrete and to provide slip resistance.

• It provides increased waterproofing of the concrete.
• Supadeck is a system that uses a number of product components

 Typical for use on concrete where a tough, hardwearing, UV stable slip resistant coating is required. Typical applications may include the following:


• Construction.
• Car park.
• Large concrete spaces, decks.
• Plant rooms.
• Concrete protection.
• Traffic decks.
• Slip resistant and traffic surfaces and ramps.
• Producing concrete that is sealed against stains in public areas.
• Colour differentiation. 

Features and benefits;

• Seamless, no joints other than existing in the concrete.
• Excellent mechanical properties.
• Chemical, stain & heat resistant.
• 2mm thick.
• Versatile application.
• Flexible.
• UV stable.
• Slip resistant.
• Waterproofs and protects the concrete.
• Colours available in a limited colour range in factory batch quantities.


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